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Our Pakistani Dry Fruits
Universal Impex is one of the leading Dry Fruits Exporter in Pakistan.  Pakistan is blessed with a diversity of climatic and soil conditions in its several regions– extreme cold to extreme hot, mountainous and hilly to riverine and desert plains. This enables the country to grow an amazingly large variety of trees, plants, shrubs and vines that bear fruits of many kinds. Included among the fruits are also those we call dry fruits. The description covers some fruits which are dried from of soft pulpy fruits. Raisins, for example, are categorized are dried fruits, being dried grapes. Some varieties of dates are dried into what is called chhuhara or khurma. Then, there are other dry fruits which are derived from fruit stones, seeds or nuts, with hard shell around edible kernel, such as walnuts, pine nuts, apricot nuts, almonds and pistachios.